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BAMBOO/Chopstick Lamps

SUSTAINABILITY at the forefront of DESIGN

Introducing BAMBOO made from recycled CHOPSTICKS!


Attention to detail and craftsmanship have always been paramount to our process, which makes us very excited to introduce you to BAMBOO, our first fully sustainable lamp base designed in collaboration with ChopValue – a Vancouver based product design studio that creates beautiful materials using recycled chopsticks from local restaurants.

Each BAMBOO lamp is made from over 300 chopsticks that would otherwise end up in landfills! Inspired by giving under-utilized urban waste a second life, ChopValue’s vision is to actively involve consumers in greener and more sustainable actions. To date they have recycled over 20 million chopsticks, and they are only just getting started!

We draw inspiration from the energy and passion of those who have big ideas, and who create meaningful impact through their work, making our collaboration with ChopValue a clear choice as we strive to proudly showcase the innovation and enthusiasm happening today in Pacific Northwest design.

Available in our BLOCK, EDISON SINGLE and DAVY lamp models, each lamp base is constructed using up to 300 post-consumer recycled chopsticks, that would otherwise end up in landfills!